HT for Web BorderPane Manual



The HT for Web provides a border panel ht.widget.BorderPane component layout container, the subcomponents can be placed in the top, bottom, left, right, and middle five regions, and can be the HT framework, or HTML native components, subcomponents absolute positioning by setting position to absolute.

The TablePane and TreeTablePane components' internal are used the BorderPane to lay out the TableView and TableHeader.


The main configurable properties and functions of the border panel class ht.widget.BorderPane are as follows:

The example constructs two BorderPane objects where the innerBorder object is nested in the middle of another centerView:

borderPane = new ht.widget.BorderPane();       
innerBorder = new ht.widget.BorderPane();

innerBorder.setTopView(createDiv('lightyellow', 'top'), 50);
innerBorder.setBottomView(createDiv('lightyellow', 'bottom'), 50);
innerBorder.setLeftView(createDiv('#3498DB', 'left'), 100);
innerBorder.setRightView(createDiv('#3498DB', 'right'), 100); 
innerBorder.setCenterView(createDiv('#F4F4F4', 'center')); 

borderPane.setTopView(createDiv('#1ABC9C'), 30);
borderPane.setBottomView(createDiv('#1ABC9C'), 30);
borderPane.setLeftView(createDiv('#E74C3C'), 50);
borderPane.setRightView(createDiv('#E74C3C'), 50);  

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